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Price List: Selling Prices of Junk Converters

Domestic Converters

Catalytic ConverterSell Price
High Domestic150
Large Domestic100
Regular Domestic85
Mid Domestic60
Low Domestic50
CV-Pre Diamond80
New Pre60
High Pre70
Square Special125
Air-Pipe GM75
Oval AC40
Small GM80
Old Torpedo *Air Pipe50
Mid Torpedo *Sensor125
2006 - Down Ford Diesel Round1
2006 - Down Ford/GM Diesel Square40
2006 - Down Dodge Diesel10

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Import Converters

Catalytic ConverterSell Price
Honda Straight (Center Flat Sensor)350
Honda Slant (New)275
Honda Slant (Old)200
Honda Skinny Hotdog (Center Sensor) 225
Honda Small Greenbean (Center Sensor)200
Honda Skinny Hotdog (End Sensor/SML Cell) 120
Honda Large Greenbean (Half Shield)180
Honda Large Greenbean (Fat Pipe)250
Honda 4X4 Fin220
Honda 4X2 Fin115
Small Import100
Medium Import115
Large Import150
Pre Import40
Low Pre Import30
Lite Import70
Low Import50
Large Cast70
Small Cast50
Early Subaru Kidney80
Late Subaru Kidney 1100
Late Subaru Kidney 2 150

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Three Ways to Sell Us Your Scrap Converters

Stop By Our Facility

Local Pick Up

Ship Us Your Converters

Scrap catalytic converters for recycling Auto Core Buyers LLC. | Best Local Catalytic Converter Recycling Company and Buyer of Your Used Car Converters in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area

Auto Core Buyers LLC., has been buying your junk catalytic converters for over a decade. Located in the DFW area, we do business with a variety of sellers. We buy cats from scrap yards, muffler shops, auto repair shops, individuals, car mechanic enthusiast, and more. We focus on providing our sellers with fair pricing and a friendly atmosphere when they sell us their car converters. We strive to exceed your expectations when selling us your junk cats regardless of your business size or status. We can process any lot size of scrap converters you have, recycling your cats efficiently while paying you a decent price for your discarded material.

How to Sell Us Your Catalytic Converters

Selling your scrap catalytic converters to Auto Core Buyers LLC. is simple. There are three ways to sell us your scrap junk.

  1. Come by our facility to get a quote on your converters in person. If you like our price we can buy your junk converter then and there.
  2. Have one of our professionals go to your shop or location to give you a quote.
  3. Ship us your converters or have them delivered via freight if you have a large amount of scrap catalytic converters.

Choose the best way to sell your catalytic converters. If you have any questions you can always contact us, and we are more than happy to help you and guide you in the right direction.


FAQ About Catalytic Converters

What is a catalytic converter?

A catalytic converter controls exhaust emission. It turns emissions which are toxic and would be released into the environment as toxic into less toxic pollutants. It doesn't make the emissions completely clean, but it helps make sure the emissions being released are better for the environment. A catalytic converter reduces the pollutants and toxic gasses by catalyzing an oxidation and a reduction reaction.

Basically, a catalytic converter helps make toxic emissions from your vehicle less toxic.

What are the symptoms of a bad catalytic converter?

There are a variety of ways to tell if your catalytic converter needs to be replaced. Here are the two most common and easiest ways to identify a bad catalytic converter.

A Converter That Smells Like Rotten Eggs

One of the most common symptoms of a bad catalytic converter is a bad smell. The smell of a bad catalytic converter is described as smelling as rotten eggs. The smell of a bad catalytic converter comes from the small amount of sulfur which can be found in the gasoline you put into your car. This sulfur turns into hydrogen sulfide during the combustion process. When it's turned into hydrogen sulfide during the combustion process it is odorless. When you have a bad converter it doesn't convert the sulfur properly and thus the rotten egg smell of sulfur manages to make it through your exhaust.

Check Engine Light and P0420/P0430 Codes

Another one of the tall tell signs of a bad catalytic converter is the check engine light appearing in your car's dashboard. Granted, the check engine light can mean a variety of issues for your car. Your best bet is to get the codes which will be able to tell you what is wrong with your car/truck/van. When codes  P0420 and P0430 appear this is a sign that you have a bad catalytic converter.

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