Automotive Exhaust Catalyst Buyers

Racing Performance Catalyst

Muscle Car Performance Shop exhaust catalyst buyers are available. We are your go-to for exhaust system take-offs.


We will purchase your Corvette, Camaro, CTS, Neon, 350Z, Infiniti, BMW, Charger, and Mustang muscle car exhaust catalyst.


Calling all speed shops and muscle car performance shops!


Let us come and give you a quote: (817) 235-2496



  • Local Pickup throughout Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX


  • Outside of local pickup? We accept shipments!


  • Payment Methods: Company Check, Cash, CashApp, Zelle, Walmart to Walmart, Wire, Bank Money Order, Cashier Check.



  • Please give us a call if you need any additional information (special services you may require or would like to explore other selling options).



        Have DPF Systems to Sell?

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